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Every Malayalee family in Delhi has the feeling of being away from their kith and kin. Obviously, the mechanical and hard-to-survive life in the busy capital city makes it difficult for those who keep good relations here also to render a hand of help when required. We, in Gayathri, have always felt the importance of bringing together funds and people whenever somebody is in need. While the organizational setup is chiseled to flock together in emergent situations, dearth of funds had blocked the efforts many a time. This brought us to the realization that a corpus fund has to be created to meet the requirements and thus the idea of Medical Assistance Fund has born. The use of this fund, now in place with about Rs.50,000/- as deposit, is strictly regulated by a set of rules to avoid misuse. It is heartening to note that immediately after setting up the Medical Assistance Fund, several members of Gayathri and other well-wishers have offered to contribute to the Fund. We solicit the contribution of all those who are concerned about the welfare of their brethren.
               Contributions in the form of cheque/DD drawn in favour of Gayathri Regd. payable at New Delhi may forwarded to Secretary, Gayathri Regd., at 140, Dhruva Apartments, 4, IP Extension, Delhi-110092.


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